Before you start meditating Watch the video or read. Before you're going to meditate, I want you to remember some things. Don't do other activities while listening to a guided meditation, such as machinery or drive a car. Tell your roommates that you don't want  to be disturbed for ...... minutes. Also your pets, not in your meditation... Continue Reading →

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Kintsugi Meditation.

金継ぎ As a philosophy, kintsugi is embracing the flawed or imperfect, it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise. Time is the very core of the Kintsugi. With time we experience wear and tear, scars and flaws, cracks and sometimes we even break. We mend objects... Continue Reading →

Simple ways to transform vibrations.

Here are some simple ways that you can practice with to transform your vibration/energy. BREATHE: Breathing is one of the simplest ways to transform energy. When you are in a state of reaction your breathing becomes shallow. By breathing deeply you naturally transform your reactive state. Learn the Diaphragmatic Breathing Technique. For more information on the correct and healthy... Continue Reading →

Create a Habit: Blue Glass

How to stop unwanted thoughts. By forcing the mind onto a different subject that is totally neutral to you. Try this exercise as often as you need to change your negative thoughts, before momentum starts building up and have a full blown emotional reaction. Look at anything in the room, take an object as your attention point.... Continue Reading →

Why Create a Habit

You might have heard the story that Esther (Abraham) Hicks tells about "Blue Glass". It's a form of meditation, to learn how to observe and being present in the moment. If you want to watch a video on this subject that explains it in details, Into the Now by Eckhart Tolle. Creating new habits is... Continue Reading →

A Positive Habit… 15 min

Daily meditation is best done in the morning this will set the tone for the day. It will create a inner peace and balans in your life. Even as little as 5 min per day, taking the time to quiet the mind, no distractions, a moment for you.  

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